Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Five Articles

7 Small Church Choices that Will Strengthen Your Ministry

There’s a big difference between good small church choices and bad small church choices. Here are some good ones. Read more

Perfectly Human

Over the past two centuries, much has been written in evangelical circles on the deity of Christ. This has been good and necessary, for many people deny that Jesus is the Son of God incarnate. Sometimes I fear, however, that this emphasis on Christ’s deity has led to an imbalance in our doctrine of Christ. It’s proper to highlight our Lord’s deity, but Scripture also emphasizes His humanity. If Jesus were only God and not truly man, He could not save us. His humanity is inseparable from His being the second Adam, fulfilling all righteousness, and taking upon Himself all the obligations of God’s law that must be fulfilled for us to receive life eternal (Lev. 18:5; Rom. 2:13). Read more

Four Huge Distractions in Meetings and How to Fight Them

Disengagement in meetings can quickly snowball. You have seen this. When a few people disengage in a meeting, others are soon to follow. One of the biggest culprits of disengagement in a meeting are distractions. Distractions can steer emotional energy, creative thinking, and collective wisdom away from the important matters being discussed. Here are four huge distractions in meetings. Read more

Can That Be Right? The Use of Old Testament Prophesy in the New Testament

The New Testament’s use of the Old Testament is a complicated subject. Even evangelical scholars don’t agree on all the particulars of the best approach .... Still, there are several principles, clarifications, and reminders that can help us make sense of the Apostles’ seemingly willy-nilly use of the Old Testament. Read more

Contextualization At Home: How Should We Speak the Truth?

The Kingdom grows when we are Biblically faithful, culturally appropriate, and counter-cultural. Read more

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