Saturday, December 26, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Nine Articles

Dealing with Dying Programs in a Church

MMost of our churches have at least one – that is, a program that’s not working anymore. The activity goes on, but it’s now more a habit than a transformational ministry. Here are several options to address this kind of ministry.... Read More

The Centerpiece of God’s Saving Purpose in the Universe

What is God’s glory? The Bible speaks of God’s glory in two primary ways. Read More

4 Dangers of a Leader’s Echo Chamber

Leaders need feedback—both positive and negative—to be a good leader. Leaders who live in echo chambers set themselves up for these four dangers without typically realizing it. Read More

5 Things Pastors Should Do When They’re Not Feeling Creative

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it’s a constant struggle just to come up with a few words to type on the screen? When no illustrations are coming to mind, no stories are coming to mind, no interesting insights are coming to mind, when you just don’t feel creative, what should you do? Read More

7 Joys of Pastoral Ministry

...without ignoring the real difficulties, let us also remember the joys of pastoral ministry. Here are seven I try to keep before me, especially on Monday mornings. Read More

The Church between Temple and Mosque

When theological controversy erupts, my instinct is to go back to old books. So when the blogosphere was on fire with the question of whether Christians and Muslims worship the same God, I ordered J.H. Bavinck’s neglected missiological classic, The Church Between Temple and Mosque: A Study of the Relationship Between the Christian Faith and other Religions. Read More

The Queen's 2015 Christmas Message

Queen Elizabeth II has released her 2015 Christmas message. Watch Now

Should Christians Be Encouraged to Arm Themselves?

As chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary, I want to send a different message to our students, and to the readers of Desiring God, than Jerry Falwell, Jr., sent to the students of Liberty University in a campus chapel service on Dec. 4. Read More

Why I Disagree with John Piper on Christians and Concealed Weapons

I wish to offer a rejoinder to John Piper’s assertion that Christians should not carry concealed weapons. Read More

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