Saturday, May 28, 2016

Every Church Should be Involved in Planting New Gospel Churches

I believe once a church celebrates five years of existence, they are an established church. With this premise, the vast majority of churches in America are established churches. Many of these churches are in need of revitalization.

When you look at the status of churches in America, you may read reports that seventy or even eighty percent are plateaued or declining. When a church gets outside of itself in a missional focus like planting new gospel churches, this can serve as a major part of revitalizing their own established church.

Among even the largest evangelical denominations and conventions in America, only a small percentage of established churches are involved directly in planting new gospel churches. This needs to change if we desire to reach North America and the world for Jesus Christ. Read More
Are we cherishing the religious freedoms that US servicemen and servicewomen died to protect when we leave others to plant new churches and do nothing ourselves? As we commemorate those who gave their lives in the service of their country, let us give thought to how we can make their sacrifice worthwhile by taking full advantage of those freedoms as well as how we can better minister to US servicemen and servicewomen and to veterans.

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