Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On the Net: "Infographic: Everything You Need to Know about the Early Reformed Church" and Much More

Infographic: Everything You Need to Know about the Early Reformed Church

This infograph may change your perception of the Reformed movement. Read More

What I Have Learned Serving a Church Plant: Expectations

If you are considering joining a church plant and are not sure what to expect, here are a few things we have learned. Read More

Megachurch World: A Church With 50,000 Seats?

While some headline-making megachurch facilities grow bigger, the average auditorium size is actually getting smaller. Read More

Christ’s Exaltation: The Ground of Our Hope

The Christian worldview stands in stark contrast both to the humanistic idea of progress and to modern secular pessimism. At the center of the Christian worldview stands a hope centered in the rule and reign of Christ—a reign that will one day be revealed to the entire cosmos. Read More

The World

What does "the world" mean in John 3:16? Read More

10 Things to Consider When Hiring Someone New

Adding a new team member soon? Here are a few suggestions for making the process work more effectively and efficiently.... Read More

A Military Strategist on What Makes the Best Leaders

What we can learn from Erich von Manstein ’s theory on selecting leaders. Read More

Why Relational Skills Are Critical to a Leader's Success

On today’s podcast, Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe discuss a recent post on relational IQ and leadership and the importance of relational skills to effectiveness in ministry. Listen Now

4 Ways a Church Benefits from Having a Healthy Pastor

Several months ago, I started banging an idea around in my head. If pastors were truly healthy, how would it impact churches? The conclusion that I came to was that, if our pastors are healthy, our churches will be healthy. What does that look like? Read More

Hearing the Voice of the Lord in Your Pastor's Sermon

Reformed churches believe God still speaks. While we do not believe he speaks via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we believe that via preaching God's voice is as real and vital to us as it was through the mouths and pens of prophets and apostles. How can we say this? Read More

On the Use of Humor in the Pulpit

Anyone who has listened to me preach has never heard me tell a joke in the pulpit, but that’s not because I see no place for humor in a sermon. It’s because I can’t tell a joke. In fact, I think humor, when used effectively in the right sermon context, can strengthen a message. The question, of course, is what I mean by “used effectively in the right sermon context.” Read More

Nine Distractions That Should Not Happen to a Pastor Right Before the Sermon

Please pray that your pastor does not have to experience any one of these. Read More

Why I sit at the front

Here are some reasons to sit at the front. Read More
One of the reasons that the seating arrangements were changed in liturgical churches from the late 1960s on was the realization that bringing the congregation closer to the liturgical centers--the altar or communion table and the pulpit-lectern--encouraged greater participation in the liturgy. Seating the congregation on two or three sides of the liturgical centers or in a semi-circle around them also created a greater sense of community. The congregants could see each other's faces instead of the backs of each other's heads. They could hear each other singing. The altered seting arrangements also gave the congregation a better view of the liturgical action.
4 Ways to Make Disciples 

What is discipling in addition to helping others follow Jesus? It’s doing them spiritual good. Specifically, it’s initiating a relationship in which you teach, correct, model, and love. Needless to say, it takes great humility. Read More

Amplifying Evangelism—Helping Non-Christian Friends Hear God’s Voice

Prayer as a tool for evangelism. Read More

When secularism becomes sacred

The attack on free speech and why it's dangerous for Christians. Read More

Can Social Conservatism Survive Trump?

The movement remains divided over the presumptive GOP nominee. Read More
Social conservatives who chose to support Donald Trump's presidential bid face the dismal prospect of losing the moral high ground and being accused of hypocrisy for years to come.
Muslims converting to Christianity in Saudi Arabia, despite intense persecution

Forced to live in secret, Christians in Saudi Arabia are being supported in their faith online. Read More

Image: Henrich Bullinger, Swiss Reformed theologian and friend of the English Reformers

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