Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "God Has a People for His Name: Seven Lessons from Europe" and More

God Has a People for His Name: Seven Lessons from Europe

Noël and I recently returned from three weeks in Poland, Switzerland, and Italy, where my task in each setting was to give expositions of Scripture. Here are seven experiences that linger in our minds, and are bearing fruit for the way we do ministry. Read More

7 Big Church Assumptions that Unintentionally Hurt Small Churches

Some small church pastors have stopped looking for help from their big church counterparts because they're tired of being hurt. It doesn't have to be like this. Read More

7 Reasons Why Very Large Churches Get Stuck

This is the conclusion of a series of articles on why churches of various sizes get stuck. This article is on the very large church. For the purposes of this conversation, we’ll be focusing on churches 3,000 and larger. This category reflects less than half of one percent of all the churches in the country. Read More
Check out the other three articles in this series. Links to these articles may be found at the end of this article.
10 Ways to Reach More People Without Investing a Dime

How do you start growing now, even with zero dollars? Read More
This article is repost from earlier in the year. If you have read it, I would recommend reading it again. Something may catch your attention that you may have escaped your attention the first time you read it. Or you may have made a mental note of something only to have the events of the day push it out of your mind.
One of the Greatest Questions We Can Ever Ask

Given the universal, pervasive sinfulness of human beings, how can anyone ever be in a right relationship with God? More particularly, how can a human being ever be in a right relationship with a holy God? More particularly still, how is it possible for a just God to justify a sinner? That is one of the greatest questions we can ever ask. Read More

Church Leaders and Learning: Are You Learning Fast Enough?

Biblical and Spiritual leadership principles do not change. But the challenges of leading churches in the 21st Century are quickly changing and requires leadership that can keep up with the change. Read More

A Quick Checkup on Leading Down

No matter how big your team is, or whether they’re volunteers or employees, it’s beneficial for you as a leader to take some time and assess how well you’re leading those that follow you. That’s why I have three simple tests to help you gauge the health of your leadership and point you towards opportunities for greater health. Read More

The Main Message of Your Bible

The Bible declares its main message right at the dawn of human history: After God made all things “good,” everything went bad as a consequence of the evil that entered the world through human sin. In order for everything to be made right again, God designed a plan to rescue humanity and the broken world from sin’s corruptions. Read More

A Short History of Bible Clutter

How did our Bible pages get so cluttered? Read More

10 Things Successful Children's Ministry Leaders Do on Monday Mornings

Monday morning. It follows a weekend of ministry while simultaneously ushering in a new week of ministry opportunities. Successful children's ministry leaders know how important it is to start their week off strategically and not just stumble through it. Read More

Character in Leadership — Does it Still Matter?

In the coming weeks, we are going to be learning a great deal more about the presidential candidates. But it’s also increasingly true that we’re going to be learning a great deal about ourselves as evangelical Christians in America. Perhaps we had better brace ourselves for what we’re going to learn. Read More

Mosque-building satirical rumor exposed as lie

A rumor promulgated by satirical news-like websites and blogs that the Southern Baptist Convention and at least one cooperating state convention are building Islamic mosques is being exposed as a lie. Read More

Majority of white evangelicals don't believe US is a Christian country

The majority of white evangelical protestants in America don't believe the US is a Christian country, according to new research by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI). Read More
An interesting study would be how this belief is affecting their view of politicians and their voting patterns.

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