Friday, July 15, 2016

On the Net: "What Is the Will of God for My Life?" and More

What Is the Will of God for My Life?

We are encouraged by Scripture to learn the will of God for our lives, and we do so by focusing our attention not on the decretive will of God but on the preceptive will of God. Read More

Special Report: The State of Church Planting Today

All the experts say that establishing new churches is the single most effective way to spread the gospel to a broken world. Read More

Five Types of Critics in the Church

Though the pain of criticism cannot be removed, it can be handled constructively. One way to deal with the issue is to make every effort to understand the mindset of the critic. In doing so, church leaders can respond redemptively and pastorally. Take a look at these five types of critics. Read More

The Church Usher's Vital Priestly Role

How the keepers of God's house show us his welcome. Read More

Feasting and Fellowship in the Age of Food Allergies

Eating can be a source of fellowship—but in a fallen and allergy-ridden world, it can also present challenges. Read More

When is a Young Leader Ready for More Responsibility?

Depending on the size of your church, the following key indicators will relate to a respective combination of your staff and key volunteer leaders. Read More

Relationship … Senior And Executive Pastors

The relationship is unlike any other similar relationship. Read More

Ten Key Questions For Sermon Preparation

There are many ways to prepare a sermon. When preparing a sermon on a passage of Scripture, though, I’ve found that there are ten questions that every preacher must answer. Not every answer will show up in the sermon, but every answer is important to the shape that the sermon takes. Read More

4 Reasons Why Every Bible Reader Should Do Word Studies

In this post I want to make a case for learning the basics of doing word studies, whether we are pulling out the shovel of deeper Bible study or the trowel of basic Bible reading. Read More

How Politics and Polls Killed the Term 'Evangelical'

Thomas Kidd explains how recent poll results point to the corruption of the term ‘evangelical.’ Read More

Christian refugees face death threats from Muslims in camps, say German churches

Christian refugees face discrimination and even death threats at the hands of Muslims in German refugee centres, according to a joint statement issued by the country's evangelical and Catholic Churches. Read More

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