Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Bonus: "The Word-Focused Ministry of Martin Luther" and More

The Word-Focused Ministry of Martin Luther

The centerpiece of Luther’s ministry was his forthright preaching in the pulpit. He believed the preaching of the Word must hold the place of preeminence in the church. “The pulpit,” Luther asserted, “is the throne for the Word of God.” He added, “The highest worship of God is the preaching of the Word; because thereby are praised and celebrated the name and the benefits of Christ.” Read More

For Whom Did Christ Die?

In his epistles, Paul speaks of Christ’s death in both a particularistic way (for a specific group) and a universalistic way (for an undefined, ambiguous group). I would argue that these texts present compatible elements of Paul’s atonement theology. Read More

5 Strategies for Shortening Your Sermons

Not everything you’ve prepared should be preached. Read More

How to Survive the Sermon When Your Pastor Goes Off-Script

Brace yourself. Improv is coming. Read More

Church aflame

‘Can you imagine a revival in today’s over-stressed, over-worked, pleasure-seeking obsessed, unchurched society? It can happen! Discover how in this encouraging story of a dramatic turnaround that changed a whole area of Wales.’ Read More

Majority of US evangelical Christians have moral problem with gender reassignment

American evangelicals are at odds with the rest of the population when it comes to issues of gender fluidity, new research by Lifeway has found. Read More

Where Evangelicals Stand on Transgender Morality

LifeWay Research looks at how Americans feel about changing genders. Read More

Seven bishops ‘publicly dissent’ from same-sex marriage vote

General Synod “erred grievously” in its approval, earlier this week, of a resolution allowing same-sex marriages, a group of seven bishops say. Read More

Conservative bishops in Canada condemn same-sex marriage vote

Conservative bishops in the Anglican Church of Canada have condemned the vote to allow same-sex marriage in as a "fundamental departure" from the Church's teaching. Read More

Sheep among Wolves

The reality is that the Anglican Church of Canada wasn’t saved by Monday’s narrow victory and then suddenly lost by Tuesday’s betrayal of the rules. The Church of Canada was lost over a period of years. It’s walls of orthodox teaching and practice that protected the sheep crumbled slowly but deliberately. Read More

China: Christian children forbidden from attending church; parents threatened

Church members in China have been threatened with being sued and their children barred from college, a persecution charity has said. Read More

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