Tuesday, August 23, 2016

On the Net: "The Frozen Chosen" and Much More

The Frozen Chosen

Most of us are familiar with the phrase the frozen chosen. Many will even have used it on occasion to describe themselves or some other group of Christians or to distinguish one tradition within Christianity from another. But what exactly does the phrase mean? And is it a helpful phrase? Or is it instead a misnomer and a contradiction in terms? Read More

Here's What Christians Look for When Searching for a New Church

Preaching, welcome, style of worship and location are the four most important factors when Christians are searching for a new church. Read More
"And of these, the most important is the quality of the sermon."
How to Know You’re ‘Called’ to Plant: Mosaic Christian Church

“You’ll never be 100 percent sure about your calling until after you’ve done what God has asked.” Read More
Being successful in pioneering a new church is the acid test of whether you are cut out to be a church planter. You won't find out until you step out in faith.
2 Pitfalls of Too Many Programs in Your Church

Many churches offer way too many programs for people. Read More

The Louisiana Flooding: On The Ground With Relief Agencies And How You Can Get Involved

,What's happening and how you can help. Read More

4 times Jesus changed the rules and what we can learn from them

Here are four accounts where Jesus changed the norms and changed the way things are done even today. Read More

7 Guarantees in Leadership

Ron Edmondson examines seven of what he describes as "leadership guarantees." Read More

8 Mistakes to Avoid as a Young Pastor - Rainer on Leadership #253 [Podcast]

Experience takes time and doesn’t come without mistakes. Today we discuss a recent post on rookie pastors and the mistakes they make as well as how to avoid them. Listen Now

Pastoring People Who Are Smarter than You

How does one pastor people smarter than him? Read More

Most Churches Aren't Prepared to Search for a New Pastor. Is Yours?

Pastoral succession expert William Vanderbloemen shares his tips for a smooth leadership transition. Read More

The Spiritual Warfare of Boring Preaching

False teaching in the Scripture—and in the ages of the church ever since—is boring. Read More
If you preach, please take time to read this article.
Signposts: How to Engage the Culture as the Church [Podcast]

The illusion of being a Christian majority in this country has not been good for our understanding of what it means to be the people of God. As we enter the public arena, we don’t come with a Christless form of religion that is satisfied with mere behavior modification rather than new birth. We need to remember that we are sent with consciences that are shaped and formed by the Word of God, for the purpose of reconciliation. Listen Now

3 Ways to Disagree With Nonbelievers

“We should desire real discourse for the good of the causes we believe in and for the good of the world that we care to convince.” Read More

Commentary: How Donald Trump divided and conquered the religious right

It's time for me to sit down for a nice meal of crow. Read More

Why one expert says Jesus may have been a psychopath (and why it probably doesn't mean what you think it does)

Was Jesus a psychopath? According to a top psychologist at the University of Oxford, he may well have been. Read More

Thousands Leave Norwegian Church as Online Registration Backfires

15,035 people have "unsubscribed" from the church since Monday. Read More

The FAQs: What You Should Know About Human-Animal Hybrids

Earlier this month the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced it is planning to lift its ban on federal funding of some research that creates chimeras by injecting human stem cells into animal embryos. Read More

Almost Everything the Media Tell You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong

A major new report, published today in the journal The New Atlantis, challenges the leading narratives that the media has pushed regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. Read More

Asia Bibi's last appeal against death sentence for blasphemy to be heard in October

Asia Bibi, the Christian on death row for blasphemy in Pakistan, will have her final appeal heard by the Supreme Court in the second week of October. Read More

Nigeria: Eight killed as mob turns on Muslim after he saved a Christian accused of blasphemy

Eight people have been killed in Nigeria after a mob burnt down the house of a Muslim man who intervened when a Christian was beaten over allegations he had blasphemed. Read More

Video showing Muslim cleric's son chanting 'death to all Christians' sparks outrage in Belgium

Already edgy following a series of terrorist attacks, Christians living in Belgium expressed outrage when a video recording circulated online showing a young Muslim man chanting "Allah, kill the despicable Christians! Allah, kill each and every last one of them!" Read More