Tuesday, September 27, 2016

4 Reasons the Senior Pastor Shouldn’t Preach Every Week

One of the greatest areas of insecurity for pastors is preaching.

I love it. It’s like candy to me. This formerly quiet, introverted kid LOVES to preach. But in nearly 20 years of ministry, out of my insecurities, I’ve struggled with letting go of the pulpit.

I’ll admit, I’ve gotten way better at this. I love to hear our staff speak, whether it’s through preaching, small group or music. They are gifted with their voices and styles of presentation.

But I look back at many past years of ministry to students and adults and, quite frankly, I feel I deprived them. I gave them one voice. Some call it being “protective of the pulpit.” I understand that, and I do protect who’s preaching in our church. But let’s call it for what it really is: insecurity.

Here are four reasons why the senior pastor shouldn’t preach every Sunday. Read More

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