Tuesday, September 13, 2016

5 Costs of Church Complexity

I have been in a bunch of these conversations in the last decade.

Friend or Consultant: So what is the purpose of this particular program? It does not seem to fit your mission and strategy.

Ministry leader: It doesn’t really. I mean I can make it sound like it does, but you’re right, it does not. Not really. If we were starting today, I would not have it.

Friend or Consultant: That’s good clarity. It is not easy making changes. Not at all. Do you have a timeline on canceling? What are you thinking?

Ministry leader: Nah. It really does not hurt anything. We will just leave it alone. It is not costing us anything.

It is not costing us anything. Oh, but it is. What is the real cost of complexity in a church? Here are five real costs of church complexity.... Read More

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