Wednesday, September 21, 2016

On the Net: "5 Unfair Myths About Megachurches It’s Time To Bust" and More

5 Unfair Myths About Megachurches It’s Time To Bust

The logical issues alone with slamming large churches are riddled with problems. But it’s even deeper than that. Read More

8 Signs You May Be Doing Ministry in Your Own Power

I’ve been studying spiritual warfare for more than twenty years, and I’ve watched the enemy mow down believers, leaders, and churches with sin, false teaching, and division. I’ve also seen the enemy attack leaders in a surprising way: that is, by enticing us to operate in our own power rather than God’s power. He wants us to be like the disciples in Mark 9, who tried to cast out a demon without praying – thus operating in their own strength. Read More

3 Important Ways Ministry Leaders Care for People

While expressing love for people in a ministry means distributing care through others, and not feverishly attempting to meet every need, a loving ministry leader wants the people to be cared for. Here are three actions ministry leaders must take to ensure people are cared for... Read More

Five Categorical Lies about Pastors

Thom Rainer takes a look at five common lies circulating about pastors. Read More

3 Keys to Sharing Your Faith on Social Media

“Think before you post—because someone is always listening.” Read More

The State of the American Church: What the Numbers Are Telling Us

Ed Stetzer: “Research data gives us a realistic picture of our health—rather than the overly optimistic view we’d prefer.” Read More

Baptist Christian leaders condemn religious liberty report as 'moral disaster'

Leading Baptists have condemned a US report advocating peaceful co-existence between religious groups and "non-discrimination principles". Read More

Most Germans fear the 'Islamisation' of their country, says poll

Nearly six in ten Germans fear the Islamisation of their country, according to a new poll published by a leading Christian organisation. Read More

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