Thursday, October 13, 2016

Evangelicals Without Standards - UPDATED

Lanny Davis must be dizzy from the déjà vu.

Davis was a famously stalwart defender of Bill Clinton during the scandals of the 1990s. Little did he know that the excuses and rationalizations made for Clinton then would be repurposed by some of Clinton's harshest and most moralistic critics for a Republican presidential nominee.

Such are the gymnastics that Donald Trump requires of his most loyal evangelical backers. One day, historians will puzzle over how a man representing the mores of a debased celebrity culture became not just the nominee of the Republican Party, but the candidate of the religious right. After the “Access Hollywood” tape emerged of Trump bragging about an act of attempted adultery and getting away with groping women, representatives of “values voters” jumped most eagerly to his defense.

In a weird and depressing year, this has to rank among the strangest and most dispiriting phenomena. The salt has lost its savor as the price of a place at the table on the Trump Train. Read More

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Trump against the world
Walking into a room full of young women in various states of undress is not a propriatory right. It is the misuse of one's position as the sponsor of a beauty pageant. It is the kind of behavior reported by victims of sexual abuse: the perpetrator walks into the victims' bedroom when she is dressing or undressing or into the bathroom when she is taking a bath or about to take one. Note also Trump's response to the allegations of the women who are reporting that he made unwanted sexual advances toward them. He is not satisfied to deny the allegations but threatens the women with retaliation in the form of a law suit and spins their allegations as a part of conspiracy involving them, the media, and the Clinton campaign.

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