Monday, October 31, 2016

On the Net: "Eight Reasons Many Bible Belt Churches Are in Trouble" and More

Eight Reasons Many Bible Belt Churches Are in Trouble

There are thousands of churches in the Bible Belt. Sadly, too many of them are not adjusting to the changing realities of the area. They still act like it’s 1975. Here’s why.... Read More

Do You Have a Zombie Church?

Six signs a church lacks true life and how to cure it. Read More

Why Christians Can Be Calm in a Crazy World

Here are four reasons Christians can stay positive and calm even when our world seems to be falling apart. Read More

3 Common (yet Foolish) Excuses for Delaying Leadership Development

Leadership development is deeply countercultural in an instant gratification culture. And while leaders intuitively know they are responsible to develop others, many leaders often neglect the essential and offer foolish excuses instead. Read More

Leading by Listening

I admit that I’m not a very good listener. I tend to have multiple things on my mind, and they hinder my ability to hear well. I’m learning, though, that I MUST listen if I want to lead well. Maybe you need to listen like I do.... Read More

4 Unintentional Ways Your Purpose Is Getting Hijacked

Your purpose – the whole reason you went into ministry in the first place – can quickly get lost in the juggling of email, meetings, budgets and day-to-day fire-fighting. Read More

The New Evangelical Minority

If the Southern Baptist church can’t be bigger, Russell Moore wants it to be better. Read More

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