Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Donald Trump's First 100 Days (PM Edition):"There’s already a big problem with Trump’s ‘no new deals’ pledge"

Ethics advisers said the “no new deals” pledge amounted to a “baby step” toward freeing Trump from a potential vulnerability during his time in office. But they said it would not be enough to combat the many entanglements already raising worries about presidential independence and decision-making.

“Every day there are going to be new negotiations, new terms, new transactions within the existing businesses,” said Norm Eisen, a chief White House ethics lawyer for President Obama.

“There's going to be a lot of major dealmaking inside existing projects. Even his [new Trump International Hotel in Washington] requires constant renegotiation between him and the United States,” Eisen added. “The notion of no new deals makes no sense whatsoever.” Read More
Trump has yet to release his tax returns which would reveal the extent of his business empire, the identity of foreign groups with whom he has dealings and to whom he is beholden, and the extent and seriousness of his conflicts of interest.
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