Thursday, May 04, 2017

5 Core Essentials Far Too Many Christian Leaders Stupidly Sacrifice

What’s strange to me is that so many leaders I know cheat these five basics. It’s like they think the law of gravity doesn’t apply to them.

And I’m not just talking mega-church leaders. I’m talking leaders of churches of 50 or 100 or 200. They cheat these core essentials regularly, and often feel exhausted as a result.

Ironically, many large church pastors I know handle these five essentials better than small church pastors, which is perhaps why they can lead more effectively.

I’m not slamming small church pastors at all. I’m just saying if you cheat these, you pay.

And it’s not just you who pays. So does your family, your church and everyone influenced by you.

So what are these 5 core essentials? They’re so basic you’ll say “well, of course.” And yet, you’ll immediately recognize how easy each is to cheat.

They’re all related to self-care. Sadly, in the name of caring for others, many leaders neglect to care for themselves. And that’s a mistake. Read More

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