Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday's Catch: "Baptist Catholicity: Retrieval for the Sake of Renewal" and More

Baptist Catholicity: Retrieval for the Sake of Renewal

Seen in a broader context, this new call for Baptist catholicity is part of a deeper Protestant impulse to reclaim the foundations of historic Christian orthodoxy. Read More
The Oxford Movement went beyond reclaiming the foundations of historic Christian orthodoxy. While masquerading as a renewal movement, it would undermine the authority of the Bible and historic Anglican formularies in the Anglican Church. Where it exercised the most influence in the Anglican Church, it would replace the Biblical, reformed faith of authentic historic Anglicanism with a form of unreformed Catholicism which was not too different from post-Tridentian Roman Catholicism. This is one of the inherent dangers of Catholic Revivalism in its various forms. Under the guise of renewal it introduces or reintroduces error and superstition into the Church. The Ancient Evangelical Future Conference appears to be on a similar trajectory with its obsession with Medieval practices and spirituality. 
The 10 Most Common Things a Church Consultant Will Tell Your Church - Rainer on Leadership #328

A post by Chuck Lawless serves as the basis for today’s podcast. Dr. Lawless has been consulting with churches for nearly two decades and shared ten things he had learned from dozens of church consultations. Listen Now

Which Laws Apply?

To this day, the question of the role of the law of God in the Christian life provokes much debate and discussion. This is one of those points where we can learn much from our forebears, and John Calvin’s classic treatment of the law in his Institutes of the Christian Religion is particularly helpful. Calvin’s instruction comes down to us in what he calls the threefold use of the law with respect to its relevance to the new covenant. Read More

3 Vision Qualities Every Church Leader Possesses

Leading successfully is impossible without vision; you have to be leading somewhere. The journey has a destination point. Leaders lead because of a vision. They see the future before others, farther than others, and clearer than others. Read More

What Do You Do If You're on the Wrong Seat in the Bus

Last week, I posted, “10 Ways to Know if You’re on the Wrong Seat in the Bus.” Some of you graciously affirmed the post but then asked the follow up question, “What do I do now if I’m on the wrong seat?” Here’s my answer to that important question.... Read More

Preaching as Missions [Podcast]

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Zane Pratt joins me in a discussion on preaching as missions. Zane served as dean of the Billy Graham School from 2011-2013 before returning to the International Mission Board where he now serves as vice president for Global Training. He had served previously with the IMB from 1991-2011 as a church planter and regional leader in Central Asia. Listen Now

Why Don’t the Gospel Writers Tell the Same Story?

New Testament scholar and apologist Michael Licona’s new book argues that ancient literary devices are the answer—and that’s a good thing for Christians. Read More

Children’s Ministry in the Small and Medium Church [Podcast]

Sara Hughes from FBC the Village joins Pastor Talk host Marty Duren to discuss children’s ministry in small- and medium-sized churches. Listen Now

Just-Around-the-Corner Spirituality

The ideal context of Christian growth is today. Read More

Teams in Mission: Are They Worth It? (Part Two)

TEAM missionaries research teamwork. Read More

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