Thursday, May 18, 2017

Experience > Explanation: A Formula for Evangelism

I remember 9th grade science class very clearly. That’s saying something, because I don’t remember most of the classes I took as a teenager. I can’t tell you too much about what we covered, because in 9th grade I didn’t exactly have “science” at the top of my priority list.

The reason I remember science class is we dissected a pig. During the part of the year that we were dissecting pigs, we looked forward to our biology class every day. I remember the smell of it, I remember seeing different organs … at this point, biology was no longer just book knowledge—it was real!

I was reminded of this not too long ago when I was thinking about church, and I made a connection that’s helped me remember how people learn. It’s a simple formula that goes like this: Experience > Explanation. Experience is greater than explanation, every day of the week. Read More

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