Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Lagniappe: "Luther, his Friends and his Legacy" and Much More

Luther, his Friends and his Legacy

Tours to Reformation sites last year and the year before have stimulated a reawakening interest in Luther. Read More

Lutherans Celebrate Reformation Where Germany Committed Genocide

Lutheran World Federation assembles in Namibia for 500th anniversary of Martin Luther. Read More

Why We Struggle to Make Giving a Priority

The idea of making generosity the priority of our finances is a struggle for many. Here are a few reasons why.... Read More

5 Warning Signs That Laziness Is Creeping into Your Leadership

Like all sin, laziness can slowly creep into our lives and leadership. If we fail to address the temptation to move toward laziness, we become unfaithful in our leadership. Here are five warning signs. Read More

7 Ways Video Can Save Your Pastor Time

Here are a few ways you can help your pastor save time by using video to offload tasks from him and free him to do what he does best: shepherd, lead, and pastor. Read More

Public Discourse in the Age of Social Media

What is social media doing to our ability to communicate with kindness, clarity and depth? Read More

5 Surprising Reasons Why Reaching Teens Should Be a Big Part of Your Church's Outreach Strategy

Start a fire in the youth room and the rest of the church will be set ablaze for Jesus. Reach the teenagers of a city for Christ and the adults will soon be reached as well. That's one of the surprising reasons why focusing on reaching teenagers for Jesus is super strategic. Read More

Dealing with Objections When you Share the Gospel [Video]

Alvin Reid offers some principals for dealing with objections when we witness. Watch Now

The Theology Beneath the Trump-Comey Conflict

How the former FBI director’s interest in Reinhold Niebuhr shaped his approach to political power. Read More

Five Things You Should Know About Reinhold Niebuhr

From Carter to Comey, the legacy of “Washington’s Favorite Theologian” endures. Read More

ICE Deports Christian Who Fled Persecution Back to Indonesia

Man who sought asylum in New Jersey church caught up in 100-day surge in non-criminal arrests. Read More

ORP Think and the U.S. Criminal Justice System

NORP = Normal Ordinary Responsible Person. Read More

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