Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Broaden Your Evangelism Repertoire

Success in many areas of life requires us to constantly broaden our repertoire. For example, the stand-up comedian must adapt their routine to connect with the different audiences and cultural contexts that they encounter. Similarly, in sport you need to be able to ply your trade in a variety of conditions. To reach the top in tennis you need to be able to play on hard surfaces, grass and clay. In cricket you need to be able to perform on the fast, bouncy pitches in Australia, turners in India, and seaming wickets in England. If a player can only perform well under certain conditions, their success will be limited.

It is the same for Christians with outreach. As believers engaged in evangelism, it can be very helpful to broaden our repertoire so as to better communicate the saving message within our changing cultures. The danger is that, over time, there are ways of doing things to which we grow accustomed and with which we feel comfortable. It is easy to stick with what we know. But the example and teaching of Paul suggest we need to avoid getting caught in a rut. Read More

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