Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Kick-Starting the Plateaued & Declining Church: Part 2

Part 2: Cultivating a Heart for the People & Place

Basically, we are working from the premise that leadership is as leadership does. It’s one thing to know leadership skills, principles, and truths; it’s another thing to lead people practically on a day-to-day basis. But, God-called leaders must discover how to do that. It means learning to do things like walking slowly among the people, being strategic and intentional on a day-to-day basis, choosing potential leaders, consistently developing leaders, and cultivating a missional mindset and lifestyle (teaching believers to follow Christ at work, at home, in the church, in the community, and to the ends of the earth).

Where does that start? It starts in the heart. It starts in pursuing the Great Commandment and, as a result, cultivating a love for the place and the people that God has called you to serve. Read More

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