Tuesday, August 08, 2017

5 Ways Small Churches Help Big Churches Without Getting (Or Asking For) Credit

Sometimes, when small churches contribute to the body of Christ, we're blessing our big church friends in ways that no one else sees.

Big churches and small churches all have something to contribute to the body of Christ.

But, because of their size, the contributions of big churches tend to get noticed more. That’s okay. We don’t do this to be seen. (At least we shouldn’t).

And sometimes the attention that’s received by the glaring spotlight on big- and megachurches is unfairly harsh and critical. So our big church brothers and sisters need our prayer and support, not our jealousy and criticism.

But there’s an interesting side-story going on in the church that no one but small church pastors are in a position to notice. Small churches don’t just contribute good things to the body of Christ in general, we’re providing ministry for big churches that no one else is aware of.

If we’re not looking for credit, why am I writing this article? Because it’s frustrating to see so many of my fellow small churches and their pastors doing such valuable kingdom work while continuing to read and hear that we must not be contributing much if we’re staying small.

The truth is, it’s often our small size that allows us to provide much-needed assistance to the body of Christ.

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