Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Wednesday's Catch: "10 Negative First Impressions of Worship Centers" and More

10 Negative First Impressions of Worship Centers

In our Lawless Group consultations, we always enlist “secret shoppers” to visit churches and give us a report. In negative reports, here are some of “first impression” concerns they verbalize about a worship center they’ve visited. Read More

Five Reasons Church Organizational Changes Fail

To be clear, organizational change is absolutely necessary . . . some of the time. But much of the time, we lead organizational change for the wrong reasons. And the results are often frustration, exhaustion, and loss of momentum. Here are five clear reasons church organizational change fails.... Read More

What Is the Best Ministry Title to Use?

What do people call you at church? Does it really matter to you, to them, or to God? Titles seem to be more important to the modern church than they were to the first century church. Read More

Types of Interim Pastors: An Overview

Some ways churches engage interim pastors. Read More

Mark Clark On Apologetics For Post-Christian, Post-Modern Young Adults: Sex, Hell, Science And So Much More [Podcast]

Mark Clark pastors one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing churches. Attracting thousands of young adults, Mark has a unique approach to apologetics and preaching that’s connecting with a post-Christian, post-modern generation. Listen Now

Snapchat Wisdom on College Ministry Do's and Don'ts

If you are currently doing college ministry or are pondering how to begin a college ministry, you may find what I am about to share helpful, or at least insightful. Read More

Generosity Gap: Christians and Pastors Tithe and Tip for Different Reasons

Survey identifies the main motivations for giving money. Read More

Four Stages of “Evangelical” Affirmation of Gay Marriage

There is much confusion among evangelicals about what the Bible teaches about sexuality and marriage. And yet, these are precisely the issues that are most contested in our day. As a result, many evangelicals are caving to social pressure to accept gay marriage. I have noticed a pretty consistent progression among those who eventually embrace gay marriage. It goes like this.... Read More

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