Thursday, August 10, 2017

Why Congregations Miss Obvious Church Facility Issues

It happens, and it still amazes me. The regular attenders at a church seldom see church facility issues, even if they stare them in the face. I’ve spent time with church folks who somehow fail to see the dirty carpet, the broken window, the weedy parking lot, the crowded children’s room (and I could go on and on here).

As an outside consultant, I see things quickly when I walk through a building – but the regulars often miss them completely. Here are some reasons that this happens.... Read More

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The regular attenders at a church that belongs to a liturgical tradition will also overlook issues related to the ornaments of the church and the clergy. These issues include bent processional crosses; stained and torn hymnals and service books; faded, discolored, and worn vestments; and the like.

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