Monday, May 10, 2010

Draft law opens way for first women bishops by 2014

"The Church of England has paved the way for ordination of its first women bishops with new legislation that it hopes will prevent Anglicans splitting over the issue.

A draft law released yesterday, which has taken nearly two years to complete, could lead to the first women bishops being ordained in 2014, 20 years after female priests were first welcomed into the church....

Supporters of the legislation, to be debated at the General Synod in July hope legal safeguards will minimise the numbers of traditionalists and evangelicals who leave the Church of England because of their opposition.

Parishes that oppose women bishops will not be allowed to opt out of their jurisdiction, as some traditionalists hoped. They will, however, have the right to ask a male bishop to carry out some roles in their churches, such as confirmation services and giving pastoral advice on difficult local issues....

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1662 BCP said...

Do you think that it will take ac/na that long before they have women bishops?

Joe Mahler said...

Ho hum, are Christians really taken in by all of this? This is just death by incrementation. If Christian theology and practices were a cookie, it make no difference whether the heretics take little bits or big bites, eventually the cookie will be eaten up.