Monday, April 11, 2011

Christians arrested amid China's crackdown

Beijing police have arrested dozens of Christian worshippers from a "house church" - one not formally recognised by the government - when they tried to pray outdoors, a rights group said.

They sang hymns and said prayers as police loaded them onto waiting buses in Beijing's western Haidian district, the US-based Christian rights group China Aid said in a statement, citing witnesses.

"The Beijing authorities have again demonstrated their total disregard of their citizens' constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right to religious freedom," China Aid founder and president Bob Fu said in the statement.

Police declined to comment to agency reporters and requested written questions be sent to them by fax.

The New York Times reported that one if its photographers was among those detained, but was later released.

China Aid said more than 100 were detained, but the newspaper said "dozens" of people were held.

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Ron said...

Perhaps there is a legitimate public interest in restricting the actions of cults.