Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ordinariate Watch: We made it home!

Last night was a hugely significant occasion all in the Tunbridge Wells Ordinariate group. Why? Because we entered S. Augustine’s church as one thing but left as something else entirely- members of the universal Catholic church in full communion with 1.4 billion people and the Holy Father himself. It was a night of great blessing and joy charged with emotion and love.

The service began with the great hymn ‘One Church, One Faith, One Lord’ which set the tone for all that would follow. The focus was on the unity of the whole church – something which those entering the Ordinariate believe they are passionately involved in. We travel deeper into the heart of the church blazing a trail which we pray others will follow. ‘That all may be one’

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Photos of the Tun Bridge Wells Group' reception may be found here.

The English Reformers would not have agreed with Ed Tomlinson's claim that the Roman Catholic Church is "the Catholic universal." I must also wonder how the adherents of Eastern Orthodoxy would view Tomlinson's assertion.

Readers may wish to take note of the very traditional setting in which the Tun Bridge Wells Group was received into the Roman Catholic Church.


RMBruton said...

In my mind's eye I picture one of those thermometer signs that you see when some local charity is raising funds; but this one goes down, not up,indicating the decrease in Anglo-papists.

St. Nikao said...

Every Christian is in Communion with THE Holy Father in Heaven.