Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fisking the AMiA “Letter on Their Future”

It’s been some time since we’ve had any official word out of the Design Group or AMiA in general about current events. The latest letter of February 16 doesn’t say much, but I’d like to read between the lines a bit and see what is there.

Last week, we gathered in a special meeting of the Council with a deep desire to seek Jesus’ heart for the Anglican Mission.

As we concluded our meeting, we were convinced that the Lord had truly met with us and had given us clear direction, enabling us to consider things in a new way with fresh insight.

We concluded our meeting united and confident that the Lord was showing us an exciting and challenging way forward.

Nothing that is said in the rest of the statement is new, and the bishops have made this claim of a new way for two or three months now, so it isn’t clear what the Lord showed the bishops this time that was new. Keep reading


RMBruton said...

From some of the posts over on SF it appears as though some clergy are leaving AMiA via Rwanda for ACNA. I think that there has probably been a concerted effort by some in ACNA to proselytize some wavering in AMiA. Why they didn't simply return to Rwanda is unclear. I had thought that several months of "discernment" were going to be allowed by Rwanda before they decided which way to go, but it seems as though there will be no organized movement, its every man for himself. In other words, a rush for the exits. The Rwandans couldn't trust Murphy and they shouldn't trust Duncan.

Robin G. Jordan said...


From what I gather the cluster of churches to which you refer is undertaking a process of discernment and includes churches in the ACNA as well as churches in the AMiA. This is not " rush for the exits," as you characterize it. The AMiA bishop who has been overseeing the AMiA churches in this cluster of churches, the Anglican Mission Midwest, is Sandy Greene who is one of the AMiA bishops who broke with the Anglican Church of Rwanda. Anglican Mission Midwest is not a part of PEAR USA. Bishop Greene has been working with Archbishop Robert Duncan, Dean Robert Munday, Wisconsin Deanery of the ACNA, Canon William Beasley of the Green House Deanery of the ACNA, Stewart Ruch III, rector of the Church of the Resurrection, network leader of the Anglican Mission Midwest, and Christian Ruch, rector of the Church of the Cross, to explore the possible formation of an ACNA judicatory from the Wisconsin and Greenhouse ACNA Deaneries and the Anglican Mission Midwest. You can learn more about it from the brochure, "A Call to Unity for the Sake of Mission," on the Internet at: As you may know, there is already movement in the ACNA to form an upper midwest diocese (Chicago, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota).