Monday, February 27, 2012

Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti murdered

Recife bishop and wife killed by their adopted son
The Diocese of Recife reports that Bishop Robinson Cavalcanti and his wife were murdered in their home in Olinda in Northeastern Brazil last night. The bishop's adopted son is alleged to have knifed his parents following a quarrel.

On 26 February 2012, at approximately 10:00 pm the bishop returned to his home in Olinda after having visited a parish earlier in the day. The bishop’s son is alleged to have pulled a knife on his father and stabbed him.

Mirian Cavalcanti, the bishop’s wife, attempted to intercede and was stabbed also. The two died at the scene.

The bishop’s son, Eduardo (29) who had lived in the United States, sources tell Anglican Ink, is believed to have had a history of drug abuse and petty crime. The younger Cavalcanti was facing deportation from the U.S. at the time of the crime. Keep reading

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RMBruton said...

I'll post here as the likelihood is too great that I would be censured by StandFirm. I think that it is decidedly bizarre that there are more than twice as many comments on T19 regarding the death of Kendall Harmon's cat than there are comments regarding the news of Bp and Mrs Cavalcanti's murders.