Monday, February 13, 2012

Theological Theology: Trinity now and then

For fifteen years now I have taught courses at Moore College on the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. I have developed and taught courses on Modern Trinitarian Thought and Patristic Trinitarian Thought. This year I have bequeathed the Modern Trinitarian Thought course to my highly skilled colleague David Höhne, while I continue to teach Patristic Trinitarian Thought.

This new stage in my involvement with these courses has prompted me to ponder the differences between patristic trinitiarianism and modern trinitarian thought. Books have been written on this subject, but perhaps it might be helpful to record some summary observations. These are, of course, both summary and generalised. I realise there are exceptions to each of the observations I make below. However, as an overall impression of the differences, I think what follows still has some validity. Keep reading

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