Thursday, May 21, 2015

Border Crossing: Renting to Churches of Other Cultures Part 2

When pastors consider renting to churches from other cultures, they must examine their motives.

Generous hospitality can benefit immigrant congregations and their North American hosts, but it’s important to understand your motives first.

Last month, I referred to a common scenario: an immigrant congregation seeks space for worship services, and an established church with ample facilities weighs whether to make room.

I pointed out that more important than determining whether they should rent is considering why. What is the real motivation of both tenant and landlord?

For example, a declining church might need income, and immigrant congregations may want nothing more than space for worship. Both parties must admit this bottom-line need honestly rather than euphemizing it as something more spiritual, or frustrations will fester.

But material need is not the only motivation for renting. I have discovered at least two others. Renting as benevolence is today’s focus. Keep reading

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