Thursday, May 21, 2015

Why Can't Churches and Other Christian Organizations Work Together?

I'm in South Africa speaking at the African Christian Media Conference, and one of the biggest questions leaders in this country face is how to partner to make a greater impact in the culture. Getting churches, ministries, nonprofits and similar organizations to join together to launch a nationwide campaign – particularly in the media – is a challenge everywhere. But that challenge isn't new. The Bible charts the story of leaders like Moses, David, Paul, and even Jesus struggling to unite the people of their time. After all, one of the last prayers of Jesus was for believers to be united as one. But today, trying to get major media (and other) ministries and/or churches to cooperate for a great cause is nearly impossible. To change that situation, here's a list of reasons why it's difficult, and a list of recommendations that will make that type of cooperation more likely to happen.... Keep reading

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