Saturday, June 27, 2015

4 Steps to Making Great Decisions Every Time

When making decisions, there are situations in life where morality is not enough and we need wisdom.

Wisdom is not a teaching, but rather a person named Jesus. When God calls everyone to pursue wisdom, it’s a call to know Him through the Lord Jesus. He is the wisdom of God.

How are you wise in making decisions? When you have multiple options in front of you, how do you determine which is the best choice? How do you not make a bad choice?

For those of us who love Jesus we want to know how to make a choice that honors God.

We could not be in more desperate need for wisdom in decision making than now, both as a society and as a church. We’re in an unprecedented time where we have more options than ever. When you look at anything in our lives, there are multiple choices.

At the grocery store, every single product has thousands of variations. I feel this every time I buy deodorant. There are thirty different brands with different features, scents, and incredible technology. I don’t know what the best choice it. It can be debilitating sometimes.

With all these options, how do you know what the best choice is? Keep reading

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