Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Roundup: Seven Articles

4 Truths About Hell

...what should we think of hell? Is the idea of it really responsible for all the cruelty and torture in the world? Is the doctrine of hell incompatible with the way of Jesus Christ? Hardly. In fact, the most prolific teacher of hell in the Bible is Jesus, and He spoke more about it than He did about heaven. In Matthew 25:41–46 He teaches us four truths about hell that should cause us to grieve over the prospect of anyone experiencing its horrors. Read more

Teaching Leadership in Your Church

At what I see currently, we need more leaders. Or, we need to better train the leaders we already have in our churches. Have no doubt about it, there are leaders in your church. They do not have titles but they lead. They may not be on the board or a committee, but they have influence. The only issue is whether or not we train them well. Let me give you a few ideas about teaching leadership. Read more

8 Dangerous Leadership Traits – These Will Wreck Your Ability to Lead

There are, however, some leadership traits, which a leader can never delegate away. If the leader can’t work through them, in my opinion, their leadership will be crippled. With these traits, the best the leader has to offer will never fully materialize. These leadership traits will eventually wreck a leader’s success. Read more

30 Rules for the Hillsong Australia Preaching & Teaching Team

Culture, atmosphere and DNA in a church is not accidental. Just like culture, atmosphere and DNA of your home is not. You have to be deliberate about it - especially from the ‘platform’. Leadership in this area is about making intentional and focused choices, and taking a degree of measured risk. Read more

7 Things You Should Know about the HOST Strategy (for starting new groups)

When the HOST strategy was introduced by Saddleback in 2002 during the launch of 40 Days of Purpose it truly was a game-changing innovation.... 13 years later it is still a powerfully effective strategy. It’s also a strategy that is often misunderstood (and poorly implemented) by many. Read more

7 Ways a Small Group Can Reach People for Jesus

How can the small groups in your church become the effective evangelism tools that God wants them to become? Read more

Nepal: Freedom of religion wow 'more at stake than ever'

Nepal's Constituent Assembly rejected a proposal on Monday to declare the country a Hindu state. Hours later, bombs went off at two churches in Jhapa district in the east of the country, attacks that have widely been blamed on radical Hindu groups though no one has yet claimed responsibility. Read more

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