Monday, September 07, 2015

Monday Roundup: Six Articles

7 Ways to Raise Up Young Leaders

I’m frequently asked how we have managed to find so many talented young leaders at Grace Community Church. Much of the work God has done among us has been done through the leadership efforts of people 10, 15, and 20 years younger than me. I’m not the oldest guy on staff anymore, but I’m definitely outside the mode, mean, or median average. Here are 7 ways to raise up young leaders. Read more

Hundreds of Muslim Refugees convert to Christianity in German church

Pastor Gottfried Martens has seen his congregation at the evangelical Trinity Church grow from 150 to more than 600 in just two years, describing the number of conversions as a 'miracle', according to Associated Press. Read more

Death threats target Turkey's Protestants

Fifteen Turkish Protestant congregations and their leaders have been targeted since 27 Aug. by a strident campaign of death threats sent to their Facebook, email, websites and mobile telephones. Read more

Hindu extremists threaten to kill Christians in India if they 'utter the name of Christ'

Hindu extremists have intensified their persecution campaign against Christians in India, threatening to "cut them into pieces" if they go back to church and refuse to reconvert to Hinduism.... Read more

Ransom demand received for kidnapped bishop

Kidnappers demand 40 million Naira--roughly $200,000--for Bishop Bukpe-Tabwaye's safe release. Read more

Anglicans demand troops protect churches from Boko Haram

Archbishop Okoh asks the Nigerian government to detail troops to protect Christian churches. Read more

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