Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Roundup: Eleven Articles

7 Lessons Learned as the Son of a Church Planter

Most church planters who have kids ask the question at some point, is church planting really the best for my kids? I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience, the answer is yes. Here’s why it matters: because answering that question with a yes could mean that you plant the church you’re thinking about. Even more, it could be the best thing for your children. Read more

Four Leadership Personalities: What Color Are You?

With our leadership team, we use the Insights Discovery tool to help each other understand our unique personalities. The tool is validated and has proven helpful to our team in serving and communicating with one another. Our Auxano consulting team often uses the tool when consulting with churches. Read more

Is This Missing from Your Sermon Prep?

It is Sunday morning, nearly 168 hours from the beginning of last week’s sermon. It is about time for you the preacher to take that walk again. You are going to walk alone to the sacred desk to preach. Are you ready? Read more

How to Read the Bible and Do Theology Well

It’s been said that the Bible is like a body of water in which a child may wade and an elephant may swim. The youngest Christian can read the Bible with profit, for the Bible’s basic message is simple. But we can never exhaust its depth. Read more

Study Bibles as Theological Tool Kits

Study Bibles can be a gift from God to help us understand His Word rightly and to plumb its depths. They can give us guidance in understanding history, practicing exegesis, and making theological application. I will explore these one at a time, quoting from the ESV Study Bible to illustrate—not because it’s the only good study Bible, but because it’s the one I know best. Read more

Re-ignite Bible Reading That’s Become Boring are some ideas to help you re-ignite your Bible reading. If you have any strategies that have helped you, leave them in the comments box to help others too.... Read more

How I started praying the Bible

In that moment I suddenly realized, "The entire Bible is a prayer book. We can pray not only the prayers of Paul in Ephesians, we can pray everything in the Book of Ephesians." Read more

Eid al-Adha: a surprising bridge between Islam and the gospel

Millions of Muslims around the world are expected to celebrate Eid al-Adha from sunset this evening—and the festival provides a great opportunity for you to talk to friends and neighbours about the gospel. In this extract from “Engaging with Muslims”, John Klaassen explains what the celebration is about and how Christians can use it as a bridge to share their own faith.... Read more

Engage24: a day of Gospel conversations

According to research by the Barna Group, only 52 percent of evangelicals shared their faith with someone in the past year. In a recent LifeWay Research study, 48 percent said that spiritual matters do not tend to come up in their everyday conversations. It's not a lack of conviction. Overwhelmingly, Christians believe they should be sharing their faith. Read more

England: 67% know at least one 'active Christian'

An exhaustive study shows that 2 in 5 believe Jesus is a myth. Evangelical Alliance, Church of England and Hope encourage churches to “understand the landscape we are in.” Read more

Hajj stampede leaves hundreds dead and injured

At least 717 Muslim worshippers have died in a stampede at the annual Hajj pilgrimage, according to Saudi Arabian authorities. The tragedy has also left up to 805 pilgrims injured. Read more

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