Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wednesday Roundup: Seven Articles

The Most Common Reason Pastors Give When They Leave a Church

The most common reason pastors leave a church is: from their perspective they have taken the church as far as they can. But what does that mean? What are the specific areas where a pastor sees such limitations? I have asked that question on numbers of occasions. Here are the most common responses.... Read more

Why Knowing Your Flock Is Critical to Meaningful Preaching

The ministry of preaching cannot be divorced from the ministry of soul care; in fact, preaching is an extension of soul care. There are a host of reasons why it’s important for pastors who want to preach meaningfully to know their flocks as well as they can, but here are three of the most important.... Read more

The Fatal Mistake of Senior Pastors Who Don’t Like Preaching About Hell

I’m troubled by the lack of talk about, writing about, preaching about, and deeply held conviction regarding the reality of hell by pastors today. Why is this happening? Read more

Community Matters: Resourcing Transformational Small Groups

What does your small group study? How do you decide? Read more

Are Churches Fixing Problems No One Cares About?

People who don’t attend church aren’t as angry as we think. They’re apathetic. Anger would be easier to deal with. Read more

Churches torched by extremists in Tanzania

Three evangelical churches have been burned down in an area of northwest Tanzania where Islamist extremists have been making threats against Christian communities. Read more

Three arrested after Nepal church bombings

Three people have been arrested in connection with the recent bombing of two churches in Nepal’s easternmost Jhapa district. Read more

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