Saturday, September 12, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Ten Articles

How I Dumped the Mega-Church Model and Found Something Bigger

Without a new strategy, the future looks like a few flashy megachurches fighting for larger pieces of a shrinking pie. But that doesn’t have to be the future of the Western church. We can reach the culture, but we need to think about growing the pie. And that means teaching our people to engage people with the gospel outside the walls of the church. This is what, as a megachurch pastor in North Carolina, I had to learn the hard way. Read more

Lots of Ways to Plant a Church

How many methods are there for church planting? Ken Davis suggests four options for launching and growing new churches—and gives many variations. Read more

Church Rescue

Pastors, planters, and church leaders need wisdom. Some churches are so far gone they should be “put down.” These churches need to acknowledge that spiritually they are already dead—no one has been saved or baptized for years, sin may be rampant, and worship is lifeless. They should formally close their doors, sell the property, and quit dishonoring the name of Jesus in their communities. Yet I strongly believe that God’s heart is for the revival of many of His churches. Though turning dying congregations around may be difficult, many could be successfully salvaged. Read more

The Value of Goals: 5 Reasons to Identify Your Destination

There is no way you would embark on a weeklong vacation without knowing the destination. You would not waste your vacation driving aimlessly. And yet, we do this all the time with other areas of our lives. We embark on journeys without identified destinations, without goals. So whether you are leading a team or are trying to right your current financial situation, let me encourage you to consider identifying your goals by giving you the value they provide.... Read more

10 Things you Can’t Expect from Church Volunteers

Each person is different, but there are some foundational things that will set your volunteer experience on the right path. Read more

Four Pillars of a Strong Lay Ministry

You have talented members sitting in your congregation, and you need to uncover, mobilize, and support their giftedness for ministry. This is vital because your church will never grow any stronger than your core of lay ministers who carry out the various ministries of the church. Based on Romans 12:1-8, I believe there are four pillars of lay ministry that our churches should be upon.... Read more
This article is a repost from almost three years ago. If you have read it then, I recommend that you read it again.
11 Things Every Leader Must Learn

Over my last eight years of ministry, I have had the opportunity to be in various roles, and under the leadership of some incredible people. Although I don’t know everything, I believe these 11 points are vital for anyone looking to develop great leadership.... Read more

One Big Ministry Rule That You Should Break

Don’t just drop the mic and walk away. Don’t just set a date and hope a search committee can fill the leadership void that you leave (you’ve already learned that committees are not great leaders). Don’t leave the job of succession planning up to anyone else. It is your job! Whoever keeps saying that it isn’t your job isn’t talking to you, they are talking to those other guys who are not very good pastors anyway and don’t have the ability to lead well. But that doesn’t apply to you! Read more

Giving Your Pastor Feedback After a Sermon...

Here are a few helpful pointers in giving your shepherd helpful feedback after he has preached the Word of God to you. Read more

Why Small Groups Matter

We have found that groups approach their Bible study time through three different “starting points” or “approaches.” Read more

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