Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Your Church Isn’t For Everyone–And That’s OK

Church leaders do it all the time. Ask them who they’re trying to reach. Their answer? Everyone.

It sounds appropriate. I get that. What else are you going to say? After all, the Gospel is for everyone.

But that’s not the question. The question is who is your church designed to reach?

Is your church for everyone? Really? What if it’s not?

Now, here’s the promise. What if … the faster you get away from the idea that your church is for everyone, the more effective you will be as a church? Read more
While I agree with the point Carey Nieuwhof makes in this article, I also feel the need to draw attention to one of the dangers of this line of thinking. It may influence a church to settle for reaching only a very tiny segment of the unchurched population when it could reach a much larger segment. As a consequence the church ends up with such a tiny population base that its viability is compromised along with its evangelistic effectiveness. 

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