Monday, October 19, 2015

Global South/GAFCON Primates accept invitation to Primates' gathering

The group of Global South and GAFCON Primates that met in Cairo have issued a communiqué in which they state that they will be accepting Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby’s invitation to attend a Primates’ gathering this coming January. 

According to George Conger’s sources the first agenda item this group of primates is proposing is "a Communion-wide response to the recent actions of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada in changing the received doctrine and discipline of the church on issues surrounding homosexuality.” 

But do they really expect to accomplish anything? They must realize that the liberal primates are not going to support any proposal to censure the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada. 

Surely they are not expecting a major breakthrough.

Calling for the inclusion of this item on the meeting agenda, I suspect,  may be these Primates’ way of justifying their attendance at the gathering and of mollifying their various constituencies.

They can always blame the lack of progress on the issues of marriage and human sexuality on the intransigence of the liberals while pointing to the progress on other issues.   

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