Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Roundup: Six Articles

5 Signs Your Character is Slowly Imploding

Here are five signs I’ve watched in my own life and seen in the lives of other leaders that help me determine if my character is in check or if it’s slowly imploding. Read more

Seven Thoughts about Retiring Pastors Who Stay at Their Churches

A lot of baby boomer pastors are retiring. Concurrently we are seeing many of these pastors retire and stay in the church where they retired. Frequently, I am asked my thoughts on this issue. Allow me to share seven of those thoughts in this post. Read more

Preaching That Unleashes the Bible’s Power

Why expository sermons should make up your church’s main diet. Read more

Eight Reasons Expository Preaching Is the Power for the Pastorate

The only way for any of us to stand in the long and honorable legacy of gospel preachers is through expository preaching. Why? I offer eight concise reasons why expository preaching is the power for the pastorate, whatever your situation. Read more

7 Ways Women Can Grow in Studying and Teaching Scripture without Seminary

Here are seven ways to grow and equip yourself.... Read more

What Is the Missional Church? (Part 3)—God-Empowered Love

The world should be able to recognize the Church in an instant because of how the Church loves people as they have been loved by God. Read more
Also see "What Is the Missional Church? (Part 2)—The Missional Manifesto, Continued."

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