Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday Lagniappe: Four Articles and One Video

Five Church Trends for 2016 [Video]

On this week’s episode of Church Answers Live, I discussed five church trends to look for in 2016. Watch now

8 Local Church Ministry Trends to Consider

I watch church trends. The last few years have been an interesting journey for the church in the United States. As I observe the work of the church in our country, I’ve noticed eight trends that we should all consider. Many of these are difficult to quantify by a research project but they are all having an impact on the landscape of ministry. Read more

10 Ways To Be A Life-Long Learner

Imagine you asked twenty people in your circle of influence (professional, personal, social, and religious domains) to describe your number one strength. Well, last year that’s exactly what I did, looking to discover my singular strength that was not merely subjected to mere self-opinion, but grounded in certainty and objectivity. Read more

Do Pastors Wield Too Much Power?

Several years ago during our weekend services I realized how much power I wielded as a pastor. I’ve served in vocational ministry over 35 years and I knew intuitively that my position brought with it power over people, but not until then did I understand a unique power my position, and every pastor, carries. Read more

Ditch the Preaching “Rules” For Principles

Thirty minutes, sixty minutes, or somewhere in between? Use notes or no notes? Set structure? Pulpit, table, or nothing? Standing or sitting? Paper Bible or iPad? Preach through books of the Bible or topical series? Altar call or no altar call? Humorous illustrations or no humor? These questions, an many others, are asked by pastors today. We have countless decisions to make on how we prepare and deliver sermons. Read more

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