Friday, October 02, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Twelve Articles and a Podcast

I Like Change!

But as a church planter, was that attitude what needed to change? Read more

Add Pizzazz to Your Women's Event

Are you planning a women's event at your church this fall -- a retreat, luncheon, conference, mission project or weekly ministry? Try adding these elements to create exciting, God-honoring pizzazz.... Read more

Four Expense Ratios and Measurements Your Church Should Monitor

These key calculations will help you measure the financial costs of doing ministry. Read more

Hidden Financial Drains to Avoid

As stewards of the financial resources God has provided, we’re responsible for making sure we use that money wisely. There are several areas where churches spend or waste money without realizing what’s happening. It’s not that people are trying to be irresponsible; they simply didn’t see the issue. Read more

The Prosperity Gospel Has Gone Viral

Regrettably, the prosperity gospel has gone viral. Being more nuanced and subtle than you may think, it is very active in the church. Like a computer virus it is draining vitality and productivity in the covenant community. And you know what the worst part is? You may not even know that you are impacted by it. Read more

3 Ways You Might Be Teaching Your Kids the Prosperity Gospel

Over the years I have watched loving parents unwittingly teach their kids principles of this false gospel. All were caring parents and wanted the best for their children, and all attended faithful gospel-preaching churches. None realized they were communicating a different message at home. Read more

5 Reasons You Should Stop Taking Leadership SO Personally

Leaders should always take leadership seriously. It demands our best, and we should give it. Every day. But to take it too personally creates roller coaster that ripples out all over the place. Read more

God Didn’t Call You To Be a Super-Pastor

The “Super-Pastor” expectations that so often seem to go hand-in-hand with modern church leadership are a black mark on the church. Read more

Preaching by the Numbers

Here is a 12-step process that will help you be thoroughly prepared for your next sermon. Read more

Exegeting Your Audience

Preachers are tasked with the hard work of exegeting the biblical text and exegeting the audience to speak the gospel in the language of their hearers. Here are tools the preacher can utilize to facilitate the task of audience exegesis. Read more

Nine Things a Church Bulletin Must Have – Rainer on Leadership #164 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we talk church bulletin requirements. Not only should you have a bulletin, but it should have these nine things as well. Read more

Teaching Your Students How to Pray

Teaching students how to pray should be one of the pillars of every student pastor’s ministry. Knowing that prayer is one of the primary components to relationship with God and sanctification in Him, we must prioritize the teaching and continual practice of this discipline. Read more

Idea Starter: Home for Halloween

Pumpkin parties, Harvest Festivals, and Trunk or Treats are great Halloween alternatives to offer at your church. But what about staying home and being a light throughout the night for your neighborhood? Read more

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