Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why Small Is Beautiful When It Comes to Churches

It is easy to assume that the churches that have all the money and all the people do all the good, and there is no denying that mega-churches do do good things. However, stats released by charity Christians Against Poverty show that 6/10 of the churches they worked with had a membership of 100 or less, while just 1 per cent had congregations 500 strong or more.

Chief Executive Matt Barlow said: "We have partner churches who run job clubs, debt centres, help the homeless and run a foodbank with a regular congregation of 70 worshippers. Like David and Goliath, small really can be mighty when you are working with God."

CAP's findings support what I've been thinking for a while, maybe – when it comes to churches and social action – small really is beautiful. Read more

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