Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Midweek Roundup: Eight Articles

Eight Struggles Pastors Face: A Thanksgiving Story

Pastors are struggling. Yet most pastors love their ministries and churches; and they are committed to both. But they still struggle. Read more

When You’re The Pastor But Not The Leader

I was talking with a 25 year old pastor recently. He is frustrated with the church where he serves. He was brought to the church because they wanted him to help the church grow again — or so the search committee convinced him — but they see him as too young to make decisions on his own. Read more
This is not an uncommon situation in small churches and can be a factor in why they are not growing. A pastor is an important agent of change in a church and positive change is what small churches need to grow.
Proverbs: Written to Christ, for Christ

Connecting Christ and the Proverbs isn't so easy. How do we read the book of Proverbs as Christians in a way that would distinguish us from how a Jew might read the same book? Also, why then was the book of Proverbs written? Read more

A Compassionate View: King’s View Assembly of God

In Ione, Calif., a lot of people know Pastor Dan Epperson, and not just because he’s the mayor and there’s a picture of him and his wife on a billboard leading into the rural town of 4,500. Many people know him as the pastor of “the church that cares for kids.” Read more
For what is your church known in your community? This is an important question. Some churches are known in their communities for the wrong reasons; others are not known at all. When your church is mentioned in a conversation, what comes immediately to mind? You can learn more about Rural Compassion on the Convoy of Hope website.
20 Truths from Pioneering Movements by Steve Addison

Jesus founded the greatest movement this world has ever seen. How do we join in? Read more

The Prince of Puritans: John Owen [Free Download]

The latest issue of Credo Magazine is online. This issue seeks to introduce readers to the theology and writings of one of the giants of the faith, John Owens. Learn more

The Colonists’ New Religious Mystery

Sorry, Pilgrims: Jamestown’s spiritual life is suddenly much more fascinating. Read more
The Prayer Book used at Jamestown would have been the 1604 Prayer Book, which, like its predecessor, the 1559 Prayer Book, was substantially the 1552 Prayer Book.
Historic Day for Catholics of Anglican Heritage As Pope Francis Names First Ordinariate Bishop

The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter will be the first of the ordinariates established for former Anglicans to have a bishop. Read more
"Bishop-elect Lopes, however, is not a former Anglican." He is also celibate. However the Roman Catholic media chooses to spin this development, it represents another step toward the full assimilation of the former Anglicans in the Anglican Ordinariate into the mainstream of Roman Catholicism. A married clergy is an important part of the Anglican patrimony.

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