Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Roundup: Eight Articles

Two big issues…. One word answer

Having now been back in parish/pastoral work for four years, I find that there are two issues that often crop up and they are each answered by one truth. Read more

Three Components to Casting Clear Vision

Why is a vision so important for a pastor and a church? Vision determines your direction and prioritizes your limited time and resources. Read more

3 Forbidden Conversations That Positively Shape a Church

At The Journey Church, where I pastor, I strive to shape and protect our culture. Here are three types of things I do not allowed to be said without correction. I stay on the lookout for these three things.... Read more

Why You Should Be Thankful If Your Pastor Behaves Like a CEO

The mission and future of the church are fuelled by the growth and potential of our leaders. Read more

The Pulpit Isn’t a Placeholder

Ministry adultery begins as any sin does: unbelief. Being dissatisfied with the ordinary graces of God you start having eyes for another man’s ministry and reorient it from a selfless service, to ministry with benefits—I’ll pastor because I’ll be rewarded. The pulpit becomes a placeholder for something better. Read more

3 Ways Gospel-Centered Preachers Forget to Preach the Gospel with any philosophy, it is often easier to believe in theory than it is to implement in practice. In this blog we will look at three common ways that those committed to gospel-centered preaching unintentionally forget to preach the gospel. Read more

Seven Ways to Maximize Your Existing Technology

...we cannot always have the shiny new equipment. Many times we simply have to take care of what we have and get the most use out of it. If you find yourself in this situation, there are seven primary things you can do to maximize your existing equipment. Read more

Contextualization at Home: What Would Jesus Do Here?

We can’t reach the world for Jesus if we don’t know Jesus and how He operates. Read more

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