Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday Lagniappe: Nine Articles

Good Old Calvinism

John Calvin was a churchman for all ages. He was a reformer par excellence. He was a godly pastor who equipped his people for ministry. He was a humble revolutionary. He was a loyal husband, father, and friend. But above all Calvin was a man whose mind was humbled and whose heart was mastered by the Lord God Almighty. Read more

Leadership—An Indispensable Necessity for the Pastor

If pastoring were simply preaching and caring for people, like much of what we learn in seminary classrooms, then pastoral ministry would be rather simple. But being a pastor requires more. Being a pastor requires leadership. Read more

Unsocial Media: Meeting the Digital Age Face-to-Face

Smartphones and social media will cure the epidemic of widespread loneliness. Or so we thought. We would all be connected, all together, all the time, and none of us would ever feel alone. But the harsh truth is we could always be lonely, even lonely in a crowd, and now lonely in a digital crowd. Read more

New Data Says Millennials Are Less Religious Than Anyone Else…So What?

Honestly, as I was read through this study and the data that came of it and tried to think of implications for pastors and church leaders, I had a tough time coming up with anything substantive. Read more

Children of same-sex couples must be nameless and unbaptised, says Mormon church

Mormon leaders have decreed that children of same-sex couples cannot be given a name or even blessed. Read more

Canadian Anglican bishops urge go-slow policy on gay marriage

The Anglican Church of Canada’s House of Bishops has urged the church to consider the ramifications of adopting rites for the blessing of same-sex marriages through political means. Read more

Church of Norway approves local option on gay marriage

The Church of Norway’s House of Bishops has approved the creation of rites for the blessing of same-sex marriages. Read more

Freedom of conscience clause eliminated by Church of Iceland

The Church of Iceland has scrapped its freedom of conscience clause, ending the right of clergy to refuse to solemnize same-sex marriages. Read more

Bishop speaks out for gay marriage

The Bishop of Iceland has categorically stated that there is no possible way of interpreting Icelandic law to enable Church of Iceland priests to refuse to marry couples on the grounds of their sexuality. Read more

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