Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Six Articles

5 Shared Characteristics Needed to do Church Planting or Church Revitalization

Church planting is a difficult, but rewarding assignment in ministry. So is church revitalization. I’ve been trying to make the case we need both — planting and revitalization. All pastors and planters should operate under a calling of God, but it does appear to me that there are some unique qualifications for those who want to start a church or transition it to grow again. Read more

The Church That Changed My Life

The Word of God is living and effective and sharper than any double-edged sword. In the church I grew up in, I experienced the truth of that verse. Read more

Ministry Makes You More Holy or More Hypocritical

Ministry will make you more holy or more of a hypocrite. Ministering to others will drive you to the Word, to your knees in prayer, and to a holy dependence on God OR ministering to others will confront you with the opportunity to pretend to be someone you are not. Ministry will develop you or it will destroy you. Read more

When You Have to Let a Staff Member Go – Rainer on Leadership #175 [Podcast]

In a recent post, I discussed one of the more painful aspects of church leadership—having to fire a staff member. Some readers took issue with the post, especially point #2. Read more

When Evil Strikes: A Christian Answer to 'Isn’t Religion the Problem?'

With so much evil done in the name of religion, how is being a Christian any different? Read more

When You Indulge in Pornography, You participate in Sexual Slavery

Pornography is to sex slavery what gasoline is to the engines of motor vehicles. Gas fuels engines. Pornography fuels sex slavery. Read more

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