Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Roundup: "5 Dangers of Leading Your Church Staff Like a Family" and More

5 Dangers of Leading Your Church Staff Like a Family

A staff led like a family will eventually stall the growth of the church. Read More

21 Things All Great Leaders Do

Ever asked yourself: What do the great leaders do that other leaders (average and, well, poor) don’t? Read More

6 Advantages of Consecutive Expository Preaching

Derek Thomas summarizes what he sees as six advantages of unpacking lengthy passages with a series of sermons. Read More

Let Them Lean In: The Power a Subtle Gospel

We've become very noisy and personality-driven in our presentation of the gospel. Sometimes whispering is better than yelling. Read More

4 Big Questions to Ask Before Easter Sunday Arrives

As your staff and leadership team starts to develop a strategy for reaching as many unchurched people as possible, here are some vital questions for pastors to answer.... Read More

Misperceptions about Missionaries

Chuck Lawless posts missionaries' thoughts about the misperceptions others hold about them. Read More

The Decline of Christian America—An Opportunity for the Gospel?

People need to see that ‘Christian’ isn’t just a check box on a survey, but a life changed by the gospel. Read More

Am I My City’s Keeper?

Jesus served people He came to save. We should join Him in that mission. Read More

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