Monday, March 07, 2016

What Does it Take to Become a Church That Plants Other Churches?

How do we journey toward becoming a Level 5 multiplying church—a church that plants churches that plants churches? What behaviors can you begin to practice to birth a multiplication movement from your church? Church planting leader Larry Walkemeyer shares some of the lessons that Light & Life Fellowship in Long Beach, California, has adopted to embrace the value of reproduction and move toward becoming a Level 5 multiplying church. Read More

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Mr. Mcgranor said...

Hey listen, i respect the Dominion of Anglican history as it went forth globally. But that time has come; and even though Catholicism followed behind years back, the Church is the only ones capable of planting. It was a great run, but academic made theology in the form of Anglo-Catholicism is poison and false. While the whole Reformation was an intellectualized stunt. Taking theology and running, although grace came with it. Because when cultural Christianity was intact, who had the lowest crime rate between Catholics and Protestants? In the re-worked Anglicanism you have a fantastic contrast. One a fabricated high-church (mid-1800s in origin) with emphasis on the priesthood and the low-church (some sort of Puritan subversion) with emphasis on evangelism. What a way to elaborate.