Saturday, April 09, 2016

Culturally Relevant or Contextually Real, Part 2: More than Semantics?

When a term becomes so misunderstood that it loses its value, it needs rewording. We may be there with cultural relevance.

Sometimes you write something and you know people don't care much about it, because nobody responds. Other times you write something and you know people don’t care because they tell you they don't care. Vigorously.

Last week’s post on the difference between being culturally relevant or contextually real garnered a lot of commentary on social media.

Most of it was very positive, with pastors feeling grateful that I had been able to define some concepts (with the help of Mark Collins) that many had felt, but weren't sure how to put into words.

But there were a few who responded with the big meh (some literally writing meh in their response).

That's okay. I respond with meh to a lot of things. I’ve even written a couple of posts about things I feel meh about.

Usually I let minor disagreements like that go. But the issues raised in this one are important enough for a follow-up. Read More

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